Who Was the First Doctor in History?

Learn about Imhotep - who is considered by many as being the first doctor in history - and his adventures with his companions Barbara and Ian.

Who Was the First Doctor in History?

The first doctor to ever exist was Imhotep, a renowned figure from ancient Egypt. He was the chief minister of King Djoser during the third millennium BC and was revered as the Egyptian god of medicine. The Doctor, whose real name is unknown, has had many aliases throughout his life. He graduated from the Academy with a degree in Music and Performing Arts and even starred in a production of The Army Game.

He is known to use the alias Doctor Wat Who in Gallifrey, as well as Doctor Spock, Mister Mann, and Terry McNation. The Doctor's first adventure with his companions Barbara and Ian was to the court of King James I, where he disguised himself as a priest of York and Vicki as his young male pupil. After this, he took them to a performance of Shakespeare's plays at the Theater. The Doctor's next journey was to Destiny, where he encountered the Master for the first time since leaving Gallifrey.

They were captured but were released by the Xeron rebels, preventing the future that the Doctor had seen. With help from his grandchildren, he managed to send out a call for help to other ships and was eventually rescued by John and Gillian. The TARDIS then landed in Germany during the 16th century. Here, the Doctor partnered with Magistrate Rudolf von Slesinger and an inquisitor named Johann Eck to protect Martin Luther from two murderers before his trial.

The Doctor's next mission was to save Alexander from being poisoned. He offered to keep him alive through a rudimentary artificial lung. After this, he was ambushed by Zarbi and held hostage. It was here that he discovered that aliens called Skirkons were posing as Zarbi and using Galvinium X to build bombs that devoured him. The TARDIS then landed on Earth where it was attacked and the infirmary was isolated from the rest of the ship, trapping inside the Doctor and a young doctor named Olivan.

The Doctor managed to destroy the Galvinium X machine, freeing Menoptra slaves and defeating the Skirkons. Before Napoleon arrived, the Doctor was attacked by a thief who took his form but eventually fell after being convinced that Napoleon would win. The Doctor then helped scientists create a force field to repel Rocket Men's weaponry and managed to communicate with lightning, persuading them to attack the Rocket Men. When Susan pulled a Golithan Spiny Beetle from the console, the Doctor believed he had repaired the TARDIS and made another attempt to return Ian and Barbara to their time only to finish in 1601. Steven sent the Doctor back to his body on Earth so he could return to the TARDIS, sending along with him a copy of himself in order to improve his chances of surviving the trip. However, because he had to save Steven from serious injuries, he didn't have time to deal with the Conduit.